“A bottle of wine contains more philosophy than all the books in the world”

Louis Pasteur

"Mediterranean Club" - a collection of quality dry and semi sweet wines with aromas of fresh citrus, vanilla and wild flowers characteristic for the Mediterranean areal. Each drop of wine will carry you away to the warm places, making you feel the refreshing breeze of the journeys.

"Noble Grape" – a collection of quality dry wines from 2013 - 2014. The collection emphasizes the tradition of winemaking with balanced taste wines made of grapes from the Central Zone of Moldova.

The brand “Milostenie” translated as “Charity” has its roots from the early of 2000. It is a project that has as one of the cofounders the religious authorities, a project with both commercial and charitable purposes. The bottled wines are blessed and a part of the sales profit is used for charitable purposes.

Old Parchment – a collection of high quality wines from 2013, matured in oak barrels for 18 months. The collection emphasizes the tradition of winemaking with balanced taste wines made of handpicked grapes from the Appellation Codru of Moldova. Each bottle has its collection number written on the label.

We bring you the special range of company’s wines. You have the pastoral wine “Kagor” which highlights itself through balanced sweet taste and high alcohol content, with tradition in religious rituals. The “Black Cork” wine is also one of the specials of Vindicum, distinguished through its specific taste and original design.

Colinele Basarabiei Limited brings you the tradition and success of winemaking. It Is a collection of quality, dry wines of the 2009 harvest. Each bottle has its own collection number printed on the frontal label.

Colinele Basarabiei – a range of quality red and white wines produced from high quality grapes cultivated in the Central Zone of Moldova. The wines have a well balanced taste, with flavors of cherry flowers, tropical fruits, berries and with a hint of vanilla.

"90 Reverences" wines are young semi sweet wines that talk about ancient traditions of wine making in the Moldovan space. They will make you discover tastes of plums and cherries, apples and tropical fruit, with a touch of vanilla and oak.

Colinele Basarabiei de Burgundia is a range of young semi sweet wines with a special bottle design that bring fresh fruit flavors and aromas of wild flowers, of fruits specific to the Moldovan space.

We give you the “Toreador” wine – a product made by our own recipe, patented. It is a blended wine with layers of berry, cherry and toasty rose flavors that offers enjoyable wine experience every time.

The wine series "Gift" of young semi sweet wines is ideal for any occasion, both for family holidays and for going out with friends. Their original packagings distinguish them from other wines and make them an ideal present.

The “VM” series of wines is a rebranding of the old “De Prut” series made in collaboration with our partners from Czech Republic and The Baltic states. The wines are young and semisweet, bottled in European bottles.

Sangria – a natural wine beverage developed and produced with our USA partners for the American market. It’s a beverage made of natural grape wine by adding natural flavors and mixtures of pineapple, peach, orange, strawberry and other natural fruit aromas.

When it comes to mark an event, the sparkling wine is the one that suits perfectly for this. Our sparkling Muscat is the perfect beverage that must be present on your table when you celebrate a beautiful day from your life and its soft and fruity flavors will make it more enjoyable.

"Codru Region" – is a collection of quality dry and semi-sweet wines with aromas of fresh citruses, vanilla and wild flowers, characteristic to the grape growing and wine making Central Region of Moldova.

Moldova is a country with a fertile land. Generations of talented winemakers crafted wine with dedication, through centuries. Shaped as a bunch of grapes, Moldova is situated in the South-East of Europe, between Ukraine and Romania. Located at 46-47˚ latitude, Moldova has territories suitable for production of quality wines just like other famous wine regions in Europe. The country’s wineries gained worldwide fame through years of winemaking from local and international varieties adjusted to the local terroir.