About Us


Dear friends!

I express you the sincere compliments on behalf of Winery of Production and Commerce Vindicum Ltd from the Republic of Moldova.
Hope that one day we will have the chance to meet each other.
We are ready to offer various spectrums of local wines for vast categories of people.
Using this opportunity I would like to express to all of you my gratitude for tasting our wines.
Please, enjoy them with your own meaning and hope.

Sincerely Yours!

Valeriu Minciuc
Director of
Winery of Production and Commerce
Vindicum Ltd


The production factory of Vindicum Ltd was firstly established in the late of the 60’s, being a part of a national unified program of wine production for the Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic, having as main objective the bottling of wine produced in the central part of Moldova.


In 1989 it was transformed into the joint-stock company “Straseni” and from 1996 till present it became a private company having its main activities focused on wine production and sales.


Vindicum Ltd wines gained fame and were awarded at different wine festivals and exhibitions obtaining bronze, silver and golden medals in its portfolio.