The speech of Vindicum Director

Dear friends!

I express you the sincere compliments on behalf of Winery of Production and Commerce Vindicum Ltd from the Republic of Moldova.
Hope that one day we will have the chance to meet each other.
In My opinion the wine has the meaning of hope.
Some people use it hoping that is useful for health. Yes, it is worth to reflect more about this...
Other people use it for the mind and body relax after hard working day.
Other people use it because of lovely and friendly company.
We develop it hoping to achieve your desire.
Yes, the desire of the consumer is our goal.
Our production is characterized by specific kind of wines of superior quality, produced from the local and European sorts of grapes cultivated in the Central and South parts of Moldova.
The specificity of the wine is given by quality grapes grew up on fertile soil. Republic of Moldova has the richest soils in Europe.
In cooperation with large European wineries VINDICUM gets experience in transfer of technologies and enriched local traditional methods of wine productions with advanced fermentation techniques.
From 1992 the winery starts the production of brut kind of wine, appreciated on the European market.
We are ready to offer various spectrums of local wines for vast categories of people.
We hope for a fruitful cooperation with you.
Using this opportunity I would like to express to all of you my gratitude for tasting our wines.
Please, enjoy them with your own meaning and hope.

Sincerely Yours!

Valeriu Minciuc
Director of
Winery of Production and Commerce
Vindicum Ltd